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Demo Solutions helps sales organizations close deals faster by putting customers at the center of demos and presentations. By partnering with us, our clients are able to improve deal velocity, reduce the number of meetings required to close a deal, and increase average deal size. Our training, coursework, and coaching are based on principles of behavioral economics and presentation psychology. We offer a content platform for self paced learning at Pitch Psych. Let’s start connecting more authentically, forging deeper business alliances, and closing more deals with Demo Solutions.

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Hi. My name is ED and I founded Demo Solutions. Here is why

I’ve delivered hundreds of demos. Thousands if you count trade shows. Sometimes those demos were awesome. Sometimes I bombed. Sometimes I beat vendors who had better software. Sometimes I lost to software that was worse than mine.

In all of that time, I’ve learned that delivering a killer demo has nothing to do with your software. Instead, it’s about creating an emotional connection with your audience. Listening to them. Showing empathy. And then proving how you can help.

I founded Demo Solutions to help sales professionals become more effective communicators and close more deals. Our team of demo experts has generated millions of dollars in sales, and we look forward to helping you deliver more impactful demos, so you can close more deals.


Frequently Asked Question

  1. We evaluate your demos into data. Some of our methods for the
    evaluation include emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion,
    and our demo/presentation audit. Some of what we find to be common
    problems are listed below.
  2. Extended sales cycles and/or more work for the sales team as the
    client needs more meetings until they get it
  3. Increased competitive pressure as the client doesn’t understand or
    remember how your solution is different from your competitors
  4. Too much demo content are floating around as the team feels the need
    to create custom content for each meeting
  5. Marketing resources are wasted as the best/newest/official content
    sits on a shelf
  6. Inconsistent demos or a poor approach to meetings, which often makes
    the team look unprofessional at best and incompetent at worst
  1. Your demo consultant will work with you to determine the most
    important metrics by which the project will be measured, but we
    typically see the following results:
  2. Increased ACV (average contract value) or deal size, because clients
    better understand the results that your solution will deliver
  3. Increased team efficiency, because our effective and reusable assets
    can not only decrease preparation time, but also refocus that
    preparation time on the client’s needs and not the demo content
  4. Shortened sales cycles, because value was delivered early
  5. Reduced proof of concepts, because the client understood the benefits
    of the software without needing to access it with their data

Demo Solutions can help anyone who delivers demos or presentations to
customers, including: salespeople, SDRs (inside sales),
presales/solutions consultants/solutions engineers, customer success,
or even CXOs or founders.

Sales methodologies are great, but sales methodologies don’t often
teach how to demo. Our approach is grounded in the art and science
(actual science, like psychology and neuroscience) of engaging with an
audience. And it works with pretty much any sales methodology you’re
already using.

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Demo Rules


Always demo like yourself.

Never make anyone feel left out.

Never use big words when small ones will do.

Never assume that the client cares about your company.

Always conduct discovery before the demo. And during. And after.

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